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Ways to express gratefulness Spanish

Ways to express gratefulness Spanish

Ways to express gratefulness Spanish

Ways express gratefulness Spanish

The word «thanks» is the first thing you learn when you start learning a language. Words like ‘Hola’, ‘por favor’ or ‘Gracias’ are words that almost every foreigner knows. Today we are going to focus on different ways of giving thanks or show gratitude and gratefulness.

Below you can see several ways for different situations

  • ‘Gracias’. ‘Thank you’. You can use it to express gratitude in any context.

  • ‘Gracias por…’. ‘Thank you for…’. Thanks for… any given reason.

  • ‘Muchísimas/Muchas gracias’. ‘Thanks a lot’.

  • ‘Gracias por todo’‘Thank you for everything’.

  • ‘Estoy agradecido’‘I’m grateful’.

  • ‘Gracias anticipadas/Gracias de antemano’. ‘Thank you in advance’.

  • ‘Agradecer’. ‘To be grateful’.

  • ‘Gracias a Dios’. ‘Thanks God’.

  • ‘Mil gracias/Un millón de gracias’‘Thank you very much’. Literally, a millions or a thousand thanks.

gracias thanks gratitude gratefulness

Learning to say thank you is very important as it is used in day to day activities, hello, good morning, etc.

Secondly it’s very important to say thank you when you are in another country and denotes education and desire to have a cordial relationship, creating a positive feeling to the person whom you say it.

And never forget, always someone says thanks to you, you should answer with a ‘de nada’.