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Travel tips in Spain (I)

Travel tips in Spain (I)

Travel tips in Spain (I)

Travel tips in Spain (I)

spain travel tips

As many already know, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
This is due to the development and adaptation of the tourism sector, and also to the variety that Spain has to attract every year millions of foreign (and also native) tourists. We will make a short list of helpful advice and recommendations for any traveler in Spain

What documentation is required to travel to Spain?
The documentation for travel to Spain varies depending on the country you come from. If you are a citizen of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein: you need a passport or identity document in force. If you come from another country, the maximum stay in Spain is 90 days.
Since conditions may vary, we recommend you to contact the Consulate or Embassy of Spain to verify these requirements before starting the journey.

What’s the weather like in Spain?
Spain is one of the warmest countries in Europe. The prevailing climate in Spain is the temperate Mediterranean, which favors dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures. In Spain, you can enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is not surprising, therefore, that this area is one of the warmest in Europe.

However, variety is the main characteristic of our climate, also due to geographical diversity of Spain, so that depending on the area you are visiting, should be prepared in one way or another.

In Spain, as in other countries of the European Union, the currency is the euro.

Regarding the average prices of goods and services, these may vary depending on the province and the season. A reference, we provide below a list of approximate prices for services and products:
A single subway or bus ticket costs about 1.50 to 2 euros.
A beer can vary between 2 and 6 euros in a fashion site.
A cinema ticket costs between 5 and 9 euros.
A theater ticket costs between 12 and 30 euros.
An entry opera or concert can range from 50 to 100 euros.

A meal at a restaurant can vary greatly, depending on the type, city or area
A breakfast including coffee, pastries and juice, can vary between 2 and 4 euros depending on the establishment.

Accommodations category (approximate prices per double room):
5 stars: between 200 and 300 euros
4 star: between 100-200 euros
3 stars: between 60 and 100 euros
2 stars or less: less than 60 euros.


Tipping is not mandatory, nor are included in the bill, so if we are satisfied with the service, you should leave some tip for the waiters, taxis or similar services.

Which language is spoken in Spain?
Spanish is the oficial language spoken in the whole territory. However, coexisting languages in some areas of Spain are: Catalan in Catalonia, Galician in Galicia, Basque in the Basque Country

The level of English or other languages is not as high as in some other European countries, but in large cities and tourist areas you will have no problem (usually) to communicate in English.

spain travel tips
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Spain is a very safe country, with a fairly low crime rate , but anyway, it’s good to don’t forget a number of precautions, such as carry only the money you need at the time, be careful with thefts of bags and portfolios, especially in tourist or crowdy areas, as subway or train stations, and always pay attention to our bags, mobile or personal items, etc.

Business hours

Most stores are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 14pm. and from 16.30 to 20 h., in summer until 20.30 h. Large shopping centers, have a consistent schedule from 10 to 22 h. and open the first Sunday of the month and holidays, except in tourist areas of the city where they are allowed to open every Sunday.

Most banks  open Monday through Friday from 8 to 14 h. and pharmacies 9.30 to 13.30 h. and 16.30 h. 20 h., although there are many that are open 24 hours in big cities, and of course, in each area there is a pharmacy open after hours.