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Learn Spanish with our Teachers Team

At the Alhambra Institute we offer comprehensive Spanish courses for all levels, from complete beginners to proficiency.

All the teachers are native Spanish speakers with a Teaching Degree, some with Masters degrees in other languages, with a minimum of two years teaching experience. They use the most up-to-date teaching methods, helping you learn with maximum effect in a relaxed way in the ‘tranquilo’ atmosphere of the school.

The teachers work very well together as a team to enable full support to the students at all levels.
The Alhambra Institute is also a training centre for teachers, and ensures that it’s in-house staff have regular continuing professional development.

Our Teachers Team

Joaquín Chacón

Spanish is the world's second most spoken language, after Chinese. Spanish is more important than ever in the global economy. "Learning Spanish is more important than ever in the global economy. I established Alhambra Instituto in 1980 to provide you, the student, with a first-class Spanish language teaching service at a fair price. We know [...]

Lorenzo Molina

Learning to speak Spanish well may be the best thing you can do to improve your life. You have to be motivated, and you have to put in the effort to succeed. "Hello , My name is Lorenzo Molina, I'm a teacher and Director of Studies at Instituto Alhambra. I have a degree in Psychology [...]

Francis Muñoz

"Hi, I'm Fran... I have diploma in Education and a degree in Pedagogics from the University of Málaga. In addition I have finished various formal courses as " DELE A1 and A2 Examiner " or "Teaching in virtual environments: Moodle ", both taught by the Instituto Cervantes. I've been in this school since February 2012. [...]

Andrés Millán

"Hi, I'm Andrew. I graduated in English Philology by Malaga University. I have worked in Alhambra Institute for fifteen years. For me being a Spanish teacher is an exciting job that allows me to meet people from all around the world and find students who become great friends. At school I teach Spanish at all [...]

Sandra Arroyo

A combined Spanish language course and flamenco dance course - sounds great! "My name is Sandra and I'm the flamenco star at Alhambra Instituto. I have a degree in Hispanic Studies from Málaga University and I am professional a Flamenco dancer. I teach both flamenco and salsa in the Alhambra Instituto. I love my two [...]

María José Barriocanal

"Hi, I'm Maria Jose. I graduated in English Philology. I have worked in Alhambra Instituto for seven years - I have also worked as a Spanish teacher in London. I like: reading, traveling and all kinds of music . I love teaching Spanish because I simply like to teach and I think it's very interesting [...]

Cristina Cara

Spanish is one of three languages that are all considered beautiful and are collectively called Romance Languages. "Hi, I'm Cristina. I am a very social person and I love the work with other people. During my work in Alhambra Instituto I feel "like a fish in water." Just after I finished Psychology at University in [...]