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Travel with Blablacar in Spain

Travel with Blablacar in Spain

Travel with Blablacar in Spain

Travel around Spain with Blablacar

Surely you had heard about this company, which is used in the field known as «ridesharing«, a service that enables people who want to move to the same place at the same time can be arranged to travel together, and allows you to share specific travel costs such as fuel and tolls.

With Blablacar you can travel among Spain, giving you greater flexibility to adapt our travel preferences, destinations, schedules, and also a lower price.

As a visitor, on many occasions we have to adapt to the rigidity of the designated times, giving us this ridesharing company the chance to take the best choice in between cities, schedule and price.

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What is Blablacar and how it works?

Blablacar connects drivers with passengers who want to make the same trip.

Drivers publish the available seats in the car and passengers who are interested can book their seats. And that’s all! They just have to share the journey.

Simple, economic and social: Blablacar nowadays allows many drivers to save money on their travels,
and makes that passengers can travel at a cheaper price to a wide range of destinations.

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Does it worth using Blablacar instead of public transport?

It’s a difficult question to answer, it depends on the tastes and preferences about traveling from each one. There are those who prefer privacy when traveling, but if you’re daring and fearless, certainly yes. The main advantage of Blablacar in comparison to the conventional transport methods is that as a driver, allows you to save certain costs and as a save passenger, gives you more freedom of places, schedule, and also get a lower ticket price.

blablacar summer spain travel

Reasons why you should use Blablacar

Price. One of its main advantages is that as a general rule, costs less money to travel by train, plane or bus.

Expands the choices. You’ll find more shcedulling and destinations options.

Chat during the trip. You have a perfect chance to practice your Spanish while traveling.

Discover Spain as much as you can. The range of possibilities to visit different places in Spain is huge, depending on the preferences are those who prefer big cities, other villages hidden, natural landscape, etc.

Easy to use. At the beginning there was only the website, but now there is also the mobile app, with many amenities, being easy to handle for all users.

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If you are a traveler who wants to get the most out of your stay in Spain and visit many places that would otherwise not be possible, or even the more conventional but at a lower price, do not hesitate more.
Blablacar certainly is the perfect website and app!