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Alhambra Instituto

Alhambra Instituto

Our school, founded in 1980, gathers the enthusiasts of Spanish from across the globe. We receive on average 2500 students from about 35 countries a year.

Alhambra Instituto provides real value for money courses all year round at any language competence level. Our standards meet the criteria of many language teaching quality organisations and trade associations such as the Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE and ELITE. We are also recognized by the German «Bildungsurlaub».

spanish intensive courses in malaga
Now the school benefits from 30 years of experience. That experience has finally resulted in developing a highly efficient system of teaching Spanish to foreign students in Spain. Studying Spanish in a classroom in your native country is nowhere near as effective – or as much fun – as being completely immersed in the language while residing in a Spanish-speaking country.

We offer well-structured courses with a guarantee of an easy progress. The length and the content of your course can be customized to meet personal needs and requirements.

We offer courses of Spanish connected with leisure and culture activities. The school building is placed just about 100 meters from the nearest beach and 10 minutes by bus from the city centre. This way the students can not only study but relax at the same time. Program of teaching is not limited just to the school environment. We offer numerous sightseeing trips and cultural visits to the most interesting places in Malaga, Andalusia or even Morocco.

Alhambra Instituto highly qualified and experienced teachers are always native speakers from Spain. Together with the enthusiastic and committed staff they create a friendly and professional environment to make studying with us unforgettable.

Alhambra Instituto is based in a large and modern 3-floor building with a summer garden. The school is equipped with 12 classrooms, an IT suit with the internet, a projection room, a dance room and some common areas. There is free WIFI within the school area. The maximum number of students in class is 10. The maximum capacity of the school is 180 students. A lesson lasts 55 minutes. School opening time is 8.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.