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5 best beaches in Andalusia

5 best beaches in Andalusia

5 best beaches in Andalusia

5 best beaches in Andalusia

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Summer has arrived! And undoubtedly comes the image of a beach and sun to our mind, specially if we are thinking about Spain a country that has loads of km of coastline, 7.905 more accurately. Fortunately in Andalusia you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea as well, the only Spanish region where you can find both. This fact makes Andalusia popular and known (among other things) for their charming coast and beaches.

Would you like yo know more about the best beaches in Andalusia?

Playa de Bolonia (Tarifa)

Located near Tarifa, in the province of Cádiz it is a wonderful and magic beach that has a vast length (3800m) and a width over 70m of white sand, being considered one of the last virgin beaches in Spain. It is also a destination as a windsurfing paradise due to strong wind that dominates the area Its majestic beauty, fine sand and crystal clear waters, its proximity to the Roman archaeological site of Baelo Claudia, along with the tranquility in it, make the Bolonia a worthy site for the landscape and beach lovers.

Playa de Burriana (Nerja)

It is a modern area with every conceivable facility available to all visitors, such as restaurants, promenade, pubs and a wide range of marine sports activities. The beach is about 800 meters long and, on average, about 40 meters wide a large sandy beach at the eastern end of the city of Nerja


Playa de los Alemanes (Zahara de los Atunes)

Near the village of Zahara (Cádiz), we can find this cosy, quiet and lovely beach of fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, which is ideal for both summer and walks soothed by it at other times of year. It has all kinds of facilities for sailing, windsurfing and fishing.

Probably you are wondering why this unusual name for the this beach, there are many hypotheses as to the origin of its name. A popular belief with many overtones of certainty say that some Nazi Germans fleeing the Allied advance, settled on this stretch of coast after the war, seeking anonymity that gives the tranquility here you breathe.

Playa de los muertos (Carboneras)

La Playa de los Muertos is a beach on the coast of Almeria located in the municipality of Carboneras, on the northern boundary of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata. It owes its weird name to the frequency with which reached its shores carcasses or shipwrecked sailors washed away by ocean currents that converge at this site, which makes it very dangerous to bathe in its waters. But there is need no need to be afraid, you can always go swimming close to the shore or just enjoy the virgin landscape.

This beach lacks services such as toilets, ballots, cafeteria – bar, etc. because of its protection Natural Park Cabo de Gata, but in the other hand thus preserving its natural beauty.
It is one of the most famous and popular beaches around the Spanish coast and one of the best beaches in Andalusia

Playa de Islantilla (Huelva)

Located in between Isla Cristina and Lepe, Playa de Islantilla is the most famous of the area, la Costa de la Luz.  It’s a wide expanse of fine white sand of 1.6 km long and between 60 and 80 m wide with the highest quality standard due to their excellent services and clean waters

If you ever visit some of these 5 Andalusian beaches, or in case you think that some other beaches should be in this post, please let us know your experience!!