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Why Study Spanish in Spain at Alhambra Instituto?

Why Study Spanish in Spain at Alhambra Instituto?

Why Study Spanish in Spain at Alhambra Instituto?

Learn Spanish in Spain much faster than with traditional learning methods, with knowledge of Spanish you create infinite possibilities. Learn Spanish means to acquire skills which you can improve your professional and personal quality of life.

10 Reasons to learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain, Spanish Courses in Spain,Spanish for school groups traveling to spain, spanish for teenagers groups in malagaWe are a traditional Spanish school for foreigners with a family-friendly atmosphere, but also with the latest advances in technology for teaching foreign languages and of course the Spanish language. With interactive whiteboard in the classroom, you will learn 40% more than with the conventional system.

Multimedia technology combined with appropriate instructional design can create a good learning environment that not only leads to effective language learning but also is highly motivational. Alhambra Instituto has an interactive whiteboard in each classroom.

Why study Spanish in Alhambra Instituto?:

Because you will receive numerous tangible benefits

1 ALHAMBRA INSTITUTO: THE LONG EXPERIENCE Established in 1980 we are exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish in Spain and have become the leading specialist in this field. With our combined experience of delivering Spanish language courses over thirty years, we have much to offer international students who choose to study Spanish with us in Spain.

Alhambra Instituto offers an extremely comprehensive range of courses. There are some 16 different courses in total. Whether studying Spanish for school or university, for work or purely for the pleasure of knowing another language and its culture, you should find that we offer the course you want. Please consult the range of Spanish courses shown and if you are unsure contact us for help.

2 THE PROVED HIGH QUALITY: OUR TEACHERS The high standards of our teaching staff are well known. All our teachers are native Spanish speakers and have a University Degree with many years of experience. The teachers use the most up-to-date Spanish course material and audio-visual resources with authentic materials while every effort is made to create a varied and exciting learning experience. Numerous institutions and teachers abroad recommend our schools to their students. About 99% of our students who have done the D.E.L.E. exam have passed!

By deciding to study at Alhambra Instituto you will be choosing a school which meets the membership criteria of some of the leading quality control organizations and trade associations of the language teaching world (Spanish Ministry of Education, AEEA, CSN, Bildungsurlaub, ACEM, Chamber of Commerce… ).

3 “ALHAMBRA INSTITUTO’S METHOD” is a practical and results-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in Spanish. Our Spanish Courses are extremely effective because our teaching method focuses on activities which encourage students’ thinking. This method also creates a warmer classroom dynamic and positive attitude from students of Spanish because of its social nature. We try to adapt the way we teach to fit the needs of our students. The course lessons are based on course topics that incorporate the fundamental Spanish language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

4 “LEISURE AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES” Alhambra Instituto includes a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure program that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language. -Activities organized normally by the school -Visits to local monuments/museums -Excursions of half/or full day

5 «THE SMILE PHILOSOPHY» Since the very beginning, we not only dedicate ourselves to teach our students to speak Spanish but also to provide them with an unforgettable experience. At Alhambra Instituto we believe that a serious approach but with some humor and fun brings out the best in all of us in order to reach or goals. And 30 years of results demonstrate that!

6 EVERY LEVEL AND EVERY DURATION AT EVERY MOMENT All courses are available from beginner to advanced level (6 levels), with a maximum of 10 students per class (average 6). Each lesson takes 55 minutes. Courses start every Monday throughout the year (absolute beginners every 1st monday of the Month). Duration: one week to one year. Our students can always extend their course during their stay. We offer Special Discounts for long-term students and ex-students.

7 UNEQUALLED STUDENT EXPERIENCE AND SATISFACTION Our students come to us most often through referrals from ex-students or their teachers. They have the greatest stories about how they came to learn Spanish at Alhambra Instituto and how they succeeded in their goal of speaking fluent Spanish when they leave us, and with her/he confidence to speak improved so quickly.

8 “CLOSE TO THE BEACH” Our School is only 100 meter far away from the beach (and we don’t need a swimming pool). There is a bus stop directly in front of the school. By bus it takes no longer than 10 minutes to be in the downtown of Malaga. Alhambra Instituto: high-quality Spanish courses and authentic Spanish immersion experiences in Malaga with a fantastic Location of the school.

9 SERVICE Our student is the most important. Alhambra Instituto offers advice and personal consulting for the students. We take pride in delivering the best services at all levels to meet our clients’ high expectations. We do everything that you feel like home.

10 TIMEOUT GARANTY On long-term Courses there is the possibility that you can take a Timeout during the year and to continue your course without paying more.

11 SELECTED FAMILIES AND APARTEMENTS We offer you to stay with a well-selected Spanish host families, which provides a room and the meals, There is also the option of accommodation in apartments with other students or in hotels/hostels near the school.

12 ACCOMPANIED TRIPS Our school organises trips at the weekends (Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, etc.), in the afternoons lots of extra leisure, sport and cultural activities. The afternoon activities are always accompanied by teachers.